HVAC Design Course

HVAC Design Course

This class is intended for HVAC consulting engineers, energy engineers, facility managers, property managers, final year technical students, site engineers, MEP coordinators, HVAC draftsman, mechanical inspectors etc..
  • Learn the fundamental principles of HVAC design, including psychrometric, heat transfer, mechanical refrigeration, and load estimating.
  • Use psychrometric principles and the P-h diagram to describe and analyze HVAC processes
  • Perform an accurate commercial load estimate that is the basis to the other system design decisions.
  • Make initial decisions based on a chilled water system and choose building control zones
  • Select a chiller and layout and select room fan coil units
  • Layout and select a cooling tower and a plate-frame heat exchanger
  • Design a chilled water piping system and a condenser water piping system
  • Select pumps for the piping systems and determine pumping power
  • Design a dedicated ventilation system using an applied air handler
  • Design a control sequence and strategy which meets the design condition for a chilled water system and many more.

Class Overview

This course covers the subjects that are fundamental in the design of all types of HVAC systems. Students learn the fundamental principles of HVAC design, including psychometrics, heat transfer, mechanical refrigeration, and load estimating. Participants will become proficient with HVAC’s two most important design tools, the psychrometric chart, and the cooling load calculation. At the completion of this course, participants know how to design commercial and residential buildings.

HVAC training objectives

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this course each student should be able to:
  • Explain the parameters that must be controlled to achieve human comfort
  • Explain the principles of heat transfer and their
    impact on heating and cooling load estimates
  • Use psychrometric to describe air cycles
  • Apply the PH chart to describe the principles of mechanical refrigeration cycles
  • Describe the procedural steps common to all HVAC design
  • Zone a commercial building with fixed or open floor plan
  • Perform a block and zone load estimate for a commercial building

Training Methods Used

This course uses a combination of classroom lecture, videos, lab tours of commercial equipment, demonstrations and workshops to present the material. Student’s achievement of the learning objectives is determined by successful completion of the workshops, quizzes and final written exam. Workshops are instructor guided exercises using the procedures taught in the lectures.
Class Details – Topics Covered
  • Introduction to HVAC systems concepts
  • Comfort design
  • Introduction to HVAC products
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Heat transfer
  • Introduction to psychrometrics
  • System psychrometrics .
  • Load estimating methodology .
  • Load estimating – zoning .
  • Applied psychrometrics .
  • Load estimating – heat storage .
  • Load estimating – system impacts .
  • Mechanical refrigeration .
  • Mechanical refrigeration cycle analysis .
  • Refrigeration cycle basics
  • HVAC design process
  • HVAC system types
  • Zoning
  • Building types and HVAC systems
  • Unitary single zone systems
  • All-Air Systems
  • All-Water Systems
  • Air –water system
  • Direct Refrigerant Systems
  • Comparing Systems
  • And many more

Class Requirements

Completion requirements
To receive a certificate for this course student must be present for the entire course, complete all workshops and receive a grade of 70% on graded final.
Prerequisite requirements
Materials to bring
A computer with the ability to load software programs (programs are furnished as part of the course). Use of Microsoft Office programs Word and Excel is useful but not required.
What you will receive
Students in this course receive a course workbook, a flash drive with a demo copy of Carrier’s Block Load Program and Psych+ program.

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